Friday, 24 April 2009

Luxasia Sale

My buddy, AhCapp, just sent me these pics of what she helped me haul at the Luxasia sale today!

Vera Wang Truly Pink EDP & Body Cream set S$60 and Flower Princess 30ml S$30

The Luxasia sale was reportedly full of great bargains such as Stila eyeshadow singles for only S$4 and RMK eyeshadows and blushes for S$15. I think many ladies went home very happy today :-)

AhCapp also helped me haul the new Spring & LeSportSac Beauty Girl Mook! I'm so smitten with the Beauty Girl print that I just ordered it in the Emily style through a friend in Japan.

I can't say thank you enough, AhCapp!


Jenn said...

I'm using the Spring pouch today. It's adorable especially the zipper charms.

Anonymous said...

hi, iris, just wonder how is the quality of the js pouch?

feli said...

Hi ger glad that you are happy with ur buys at Luxasia sale...its such a coincidence cas im the one who sold ur fren the items! i rem her mentioning that she is helping her fren who is in India to buy :p

Anonymous said...

How much is Spring mag? Thank you.

Catherine said...

Eee, so cute! I'm so jealous of the magazines you guys have over there. Way better than anything in the US.

Haru said...

I haven't seen the JS pouch in person but the quality is usually alright. It's not going to feel super expensive or luxurious given the price that you pay for the mag. These pouches are usually made of a thin waterproof material that is lightweight and easy to clean.

Dear Feli,
That is such a coincidence! Thank you for stopping by! Luxasia sales are the best that I've ever been to as the stuff is well-organised and displayed neatly and the Luxasia staff are always very pleasant. Quite unlike warehouse sales by other brands where sometimes bad management leads to quite a bit of mayhem. I can't wait to start using the perfumes :-)

Yes, AhCapp was messaging me the various items on sale and I was quickly checking the reviews on MakeupAlley and then messaging back the stuff I wanted!

Hi Rach,
The Spring mag costs S$15.50.

Dear Catherine,
Yes, the Japanese magazines have the best freebies! I think these are some websites that offer subscriptions to these mags in the US, or you can try calling the Kinokuniya stores in the US to see if they do phone orders.

Anonymous said...

I got 2 Stila Tinted Moisturiser, one Guy Larouche wallet, 1 YSL quad eyeshawdow palette. The YSL counter is really packed with ppl. I took a long time inorder to squeeze in. Hope everyone is happy with their purchase. This is also a good time to buy a Monther's Day present.

maylin said...

i like the vera wang also..but it seems expire..
also bought alot of stuff from the sale..ahaa
great deals..

Marc jacobs splash colection - basil & grapefruit. only $60 for300ml

Haru said...

Hi Maylin,
I'm not sure of the expiry date on the vera wang perfumes but someone commented on Cozycot that the Princess perfume looked grey in color! But my Truly Pink set looks fine from the pic (I'm still in New Delhi so will have to wait another week before I get it from AhCapp).

feli said...

Glad u like my company's sale! think if u were around in person cfm end up buyingm ore cas there are alot cheap makeup stuff ard...

Btw to clear things up about my vera frag, the truely pink Haru got was last year's xmas sets, its perfectly ok except that at retail price its too expensive that why we have alot stocks left over....for the princess it was a batch problem...the frag is also perfectly ok but this batch the colour was off so we do not sell it at counter ;p

Haru said...

Hi Feli,

Yeah, I was super disappointed to find out that the Luxasia sale was taking place this weekend when I'm overseas! But thanks to AhCapp, I didn't miss out totally.

Thanks for the info on the Vera Wang perfumes! Good to know my Truly Pink set is relatively new!

Can I just ask you how often Luxasia holds these warehouse sales? Are they once a year or twice a year? From what I read on Cozycot, sounds like the sale was a resounding success!

stardazz said...

Hi,which vera wang princess fragance do u mean that its greyish,izit the princess flower one and i went to the sale today but the flower princess is not available already so sad =(

Haru said...

Hi stardazz,

I believe Feli is referring to the original Princess fragrance being grayish, not Flower Princess. Someone had also commented over at Cozycot that she did not buy the Princess perfume as it was grey.

feli said...

Hi Haru

We normally only do it once a year so if u miss this one u got to wait for nxt year already :p

starduzz - flower princess was wiped out on the first day itself already because it was going at $35 for 30ml

for those who are going to the last day of the sale, or would like to know wad are the good buys at the usual warehse sales, things to look out for are as below ( not too sure how much is left though)

1) RMK eye colours - refills at only $12 to $15

2) Guerlain perfect c brightening cleanser, kisskiss gloss power refill

3) stila - price start at $4 for single eyeshadow to $40 odd for coffets

4) YSL - normally will sell those limited edt stuff, lip sticks, gloss eyeshadow and will have decent colours not those yucky colours tt nobody buy

5) Jurlique - bad thing is might expire within half yr

6) Carita shampoo/hair mask

7) various fragrances will usually haf discounts of up to 70%

wyf said...

Hi Feli,

BTW, my fren bought a SGD11 Jurlique Ylang Ylang essential oil & relised when she went home that the oil has already turned bad & smells funny.