Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Body Shop White Musk White Hot Tropical

The Body Shop launches its new White Musk White Hot Tropical fragrance and bodycare range today. Just looking at the cheerful bright colors of the packaging makes me want to snap these babies up!

Check out the current list of promotional sets and GWPs here. The current GWP looks quite sad though.


Anonymous said...

The GWP does look pathetic. Anyway their lotions are getting diluted & EDT smells synthetic nowadays. Even when they launched the Cherry Blossom range last month, I was not tempted to make a purchase.

Haru said...


Unfortunately, that is true. I found that the shower gels are more diluted compared to a few years ago and so I have to use more each time. My favourite scent, Satsuma, also does not smell as good as before,