Monday, 27 April 2009

Summer '09 Collections

Here are more sneak peeks of the summer collections from Biteki and Maquia magazines.

Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes (1680yen) and Lash Curl Designing (Volume) Mascara (1575yen). 16 June.

Esprique Precious Eye Color Selection N (840yen) and Nail Color N (945yen). 16 May.

Maquillage Eyes Creator 3D (3990yen). 21 May. Looks like 5 cream shades!

Full Vision Gloss Coat Mascara (2100yen)

Glossy Nail Color (945yen)

Integrate Impact Double Liner (1575yen each). 21 May.

RMK Ingenious Jelly Eyes and Separate Curl Mascara. 8 May.

Ingenious Powder Cheeks

Ingenious Jelly Cheeks

Ingenious Powder Eyes

Cosme Decorte AQ and Beaute de Kose

Magie Decorte and Clarins


Kathi said...

OMG I am so disappointed that the MQ palettes contain only creams! And honestly the other collections aren't terribly appealing either =x

Whitepiano555 said...

Thanks for magazine scanning !!! I love japanese cosmetics. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I had the magazines too. The packaging always looks delicious. Just not sure if the product works wonders too.

Wombat said...

Hello- wondering whether you'd recommend MAQUIA or Biteki in terms of the seasonal little book collections they release? I had the spring biteki one and loved it- but wonder whether Maquia is any better? They are all shrinkwrapped here so I can never tell =/

=D Thanks!

Haru said...

Dear Wombat,

For the summer '09 collections, I preferred Biteki's feature over Maquia (Voce did not have one) as Biteki's was slightly more comprehensive whereas the Maquia tried to squeeze many brands onto a few pages.

Overall, I usually prefer Voce out of the 3 as Voce usually does a very comprehensive separate booklet (around half A4 size) that's a pleasure to flip through at leisure as each brand usually gets its own page (some even get 2 pages). But I think Voce does that only for the spring and fall collections.