Sunday, 22 April 2012

Armani Summer 2012 Écailles : Swatches

The Armani summer 2012 collection "Écailles" has arrived at stores in Switzerland. I was looking forward to this collection especially for the four Eyes To Kill shadows, which looked wonderfully complex in the promotional visuals online.

All four ETK are limited edition: #20 Obsidian Black, #21 Obsidian Grey, #22 Écailles and #23 Madre Perla. These are also available on Armani's US website where they retail for US$32, versus a rip-off CHF50 (about US$55) in Switzerland.

#20 Obsidian Black is a stormy greyish black mixed with emerald flecks.

When applied, Obsidian Black has a blackened green tint. #21 Obsidian Grey is a steel grey mixed with ocean blue flecks. The blue flecks disappear when swatched but nevertheless, it is still a beautiful shimmery medium grey.

#22 Écailles is a lighter, more silvery grey than Obsidian Grey. #10 Airy Jade is lighter with more of a blue flash. You can see another swatch of Écailles and Obsidian Grey on BritishBeautyBlogger. #23 Madre Perla is a melange of pearl white, oyster pink and light green. Of the four, Madre Perla is the sheerest. Like the name suggests, it has a pearl-like effect as it flashes a pale pearlish mint at some angles.

If you're a fan of the Eyes To Kill line, you won't want to miss these. The rich buttery texture feels amazing. Obsidian Black is the most unique of the lot, followed by Madre Perla (which looks slightly similar to Airy Blue when applied).

The collection includes two eyeshadow quads: Écailles Luxury Edition which sports a cover inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and the Classic Edition.

The Luxury Edition is much more impressive in terms of texture and color payoff than the Classic Edition, which did not swatch as smoothly. The Face Palette is a highlighter (White Foam) and blush duo (Seashell Pink). Both shades are very sheer with a glowy effect.

There are also four new Gloss D'Armani in the collection, of which three are swatched below. The unmarked shade was part of the display but I recall the shade number starts with "4".


Joolz said...

Thanks for the swatches! I love Armani, especially the glosses!

. : * justine * : . said...

Thank you for swatches!! I am incredibly excited for the new ETK and plan to pick up all four. Thankfully I think everything else is a pass for me (which is good, considering the price point of the ETK!)

Anonymous said...

Hi iris,
Nice to hear from u from Switzerland, I've never travelled out of asia, u r blessed!
Have been waiting for swatches for this entire collection b4 I can decide what to buy online! Thank u so much!
Did u pick up anything from this collection?
Tk care!

Haru said...

Hi Eunice,
I didn't buy anything yesterday as the prices here are ridiculous, but I am planning to get the Eyes To Kill when they launch in London on 1 May.

makeupmag said...

Thanks for the swatches, dear. :) I've been wanting to see them and now I have! ;)

grace tan said...

Hi Iris,
Always love reading your blog ! Thank you so much for sharing all the beuty infor with us.

I would like to check with you, do you know which online to order GA ETK and ship to SG? Preference with cheaper shipping cost. thanks in advance.

Haru said...

hi grace,
if you use VPost, you can order from Armani's website or Nordstrom. I don't know of any websites that ship directly to Singapore.

Haru said...

hi Grace,
I just read that Armani cosmetics are available at DFS Galleria in Singapore so do check that out!