Saturday, 14 April 2012

Essence Rebels and Fruity Trend Editions

The limited edition collections by Essence, called "trend editions", are released at almost the same furious pace as MAC but with a much more affordable price range that makes it easy to over-indulge. Today, I came across another two trend editions for spring.

Bad girls, rock chicks and punk babes – in April and May 2012, things are about to get loud & wild with the new trend edition "Rebels" by Essence. demure, subtle nude shades meet upon bright, cheeky neon colors to rebel against boredom! for trendsetters, individualists or those who normally wouldn’t dare to be loud and outrageous: these extravagant products guarantee a unique, dramatic look. whether you go for matte lipgloss, neon nail polish or mascara that creates spider-like lashes – anything goes, as long as you like it!

The collection includes four semi-matt Latex Nail Polishes in 01 Mauve Like A Rockstar, 02 Rebel Delight, 03 Peach Punk and 04 Rebelizer, plus a Rock Coat.

The Soft Matte Lipglosses in 01 Mauve Like A Rockstar and 02 Rebel Delight had an unappealing artificial scent.

I picked up the Lip & Cheek Pot 01 Peach Punk and Latex Nail Polish in Rebelizer .

Cherry, apricot, kiwi – fruit, smoothies & co. are all the rage this spring and put us in the mood for a colorful summer. The new Essence trend edition "Fruity" is fruity-fresh and creamy-seductive as it presents itself with a powerful cocktail of colors containing strawberries, bananas, kiwis, oranges and berries of the forest in April 2012. Wonderful sorbet colors and gentle textures for your eyes, lips and face guarantee high spirits in springtime!

Aside from the Scented Top Coat 01 Smells Like Strawberry and Sealing Top Coat 01 Stay Fruity, the collection also includes Fruity Nail Polishes in 01 Banana Joe, 02 Peach Beauty, 03 Very Cherry, 04 One Kiwi A Day and 05 Mashed Berries. You can see swatches on BeautyScene.

One Kiwi A Day and Mashed Berries.

Swatches of the Eyeshadow Sorbet in (from left) 01 Peach Beauty, 03 One Kiwi A Day and 02 Banana Joe. These dry down quite nicely with a light shimmery finish.

The Blush Sorbet 01 Smoothie Operator has a very liquid texture that could get messy easily.


Nina said...

Hey thanks for posting this entry, it's always nice to read n learn of new offerings from essence thru ur blog even though Sg doesn't carry those limited editions...

Amanda said...

Hi, where did you can across this collect? I really would like to lay my hands on some of it.

Haru said...

hi Amanda,
This was at a department store called Manor in Switzerland.