Sunday, 1 April 2012

RMK 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette 01 Pink Coral: Review and swatches

Recently, I received the RMK 15th Anniversary Cheek Palette 01 Pink Coral to review. This was released about two weeks ago in Singapore, where it is retailing at S$85 (versus 5250yen in Japan). It is also currently available in the UK but it has already sold out on (which still has 02 Brown Beige).

Designed by New York-based illustrator Tanabe Hiroshi, the palette offers up six shades to be blended as one likes. Do also check out Atelier Beauty's and Makeup Blogette's reviews of the other cheek palette 02 Brown Beige.

The palette comes with a clear plastic sheet cover printed with the face and outline of the flower pixie.

The bob haircut, pink necklace and feelers of the pixie vanish quickly with just a couple of brush strokes, revealing that her pearlish white complexion extends under her brown hair.

It's a pity that some of the design details get eroded so quickly but just pop the plastic sleeve back on top and it looks almost as good as new!

In the pic below, the pearly white shade is swatched on the left and the light pink (that forms the background around the pixie) is swatched on the right. The light pink shade has a soft satin finish that is barely visible on the skin .

In the pic below, the light pink shade is swatched on the extreme left, next to the light yellow shade. The orange and rosy pink petals of the pixie's dress have the best colour payoff of the six shades while the white and light yellow are slightly more shimmery than the rest. You can see a swatch of the shades blended together on Makeup Stash.

Due to the way the shades are arranged in the palette, you can divide it into two triangular halves to be used separately as a illuminating face powder (the pink background, pixie head and light yellow) and as a blush (the three orange and rosy pink shades).

Blended together, the orange and rosy pink shades give a fresh pop of colour to the cheeks. The blended shade is not as orange-toned as Sprinkling Cheeks #2 Orange. You can view another pic of it applied on the model on the RMK website. If you already have a large makeup collection, chances are you will be able to dupe the blush and illuminating effects of this cheek palette. It is certainly pricey but the whimsical design makes it a special collectible for RMK fans.

For today's look, I also used RMK Sprinkling Eyes 03 Gray and Mix Colors For Lips 02 Holographic Light Pink, Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette, Skin 79 Vital Beblesh Balm, NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow and Benefit They're Real Mascara.

The Mix Colors For Lips 02 is part of a gift with purchase (below) that I received at Selfridges in London when I purchased Sprinkling Eyes 03, a nail polish and Ingenious Natural Eyes N 07.

On my lips, it shows up as a glossy translucent light pink tint with silver sparkles.

The Skin79 Vital BB Cream is a gift from Mag, who liked the texture and oil control but the shade was too pale for her. You can read reviews of it on Everbluec and Atelier Beauty. The shade works alright for me and provides good coverage and decent oil control but it feels a tad heavy on my skin.

A message from Rumiko on the brand's 15th anniversary.


Beauty Box said...

Your skin looks very good here! And the lip gloss colour is so pretty and flattering.

Chantana said...

I agree with you on the skin79 bbcream - it's feel thick on my skin too!

P/S: Thanks for the link <3<3<3

Unknown said...

Omg, that's so cute and creative, it reminds me of when lancome and shu uemura had japanses designers collaborate! I love your eyeshadow look too by the way! :)

makeupmag said...

I think the BB cream suits you well. :) Thanks to you, I now know what's under the brown, haha! Silly me, I should've remembered that the insert would have the details. :P It looks gorgeous (albeit a bit weird) without the face; would make a lovely highlighter/blush compact.

Jan S said...

Oh I love this look on you too! I'm now doubly tempted to get the grey sprinkling eyes palette AND the cheek palette now :) RMK is *not cheap* though...sigh...

Tracy said...

What a sweet little packaging trick! I quite like that idea. The Japanese are just fantastic in thinking of new ways to innovate.