Monday, 23 April 2012

Lush Abombinaball Bath Bomb

Now that the weather is turning warmer, I can start indulging in Lush baths again. This rotund Abombinaball was a limited edition bath bomb released for the last holiday season. It's no longer available, unfortunately, but Lush often brings back previous releases for the holidays so who knows, he could make an appearance again.

Packed with peppermint oil, vanilla absolute and orange oil, Abombinaball is one of the most unusual bath bombs I've ever tried from Lush.

See the silver shimmer?

He's a frenzied fellow that spins all around in the water, fizzing up white foamy bubbles merrily. First comes a cloud of electric green, before Abombinaball reveals his true blue core.

As he was spinning, I could not get a clear shot.

He leaves the waters a tranquil ocean blue with a relaxing minty scent. One of the most amazing bath treats ever invented by Lush!


Sara Kye said...

It almost looks like the ocean, color, foam and all. How cool!

Kas said...

This is so cool - I have Rocketeer but haven't used it yet; I heard that one whizzes around the tub too!
PS: The captchas are getting more and more difficult! Either that, or I'm reading your blog too late at night! LOL! :P Hope you're keeping well!

Haru said...

Sorry about the Blogger captcha, I know they're a royal pain. I tried turning them off but then I got swamped by spam comments so I had to re-activate it.

Jacqueline said...

I fell in love with bath bombs after finally being able t use them. What a treat they are! This bath bomb is so cute.