Thursday, 5 April 2012

RMK Nail Color EX SH-02 Shiny Clear Pink and Nail Art Liner 01 Shiny White

RMK Nail Color EX SH-02 Shiny Clear Pink is another recent acquisition that I picked up at the RMK counter in Selfridges. It is a juicy shimmery light bubblegum pink with glitter that flash pink, lime yellow and purple.

RMK nail polishes retail for S$25 in Singapore versus 1575yen (about S$24) in Japan.

The formula applies smoothly with two coats providing good coverage but with still a bit of the nail line visible. The glitter particles make the surface feel rough and bumpy though, and even after ten minutes, it is still slightly sticky to touch, and prone to nicks.

Used in conjunction with Dior Top Coat, there was some tipwear after three days, but no major chips. Like with most glitter polishes, removal took extra effort and soaking to remove all the glitter bits completely.

The RMK Nail Art Liner 01 Shiny White is one of two liner shades offered by RMK, the other being a glittery gold. It comes with a tapered slim brush and only 8ml of product, versus 12ml for the regular Nail Color EX polishes.

It is a bright shiny white with silver, light pink and green glitter.

I applied it across the tip of my ring fingernail in the pic below. It's nothing fancy, just an easy way to add some extra sparkle.

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Kas said...

I LOOOOVE the RMK polish I bought recently - its Shiny Red! Super pretty and I was surprised at how smooth it was post-application. Love this one you have too :)