Friday, 6 April 2012

Shu Uemura Summer 2012: Color Atelier

Shu Uemura will expand its eyeshadow lineup with a new Color Atelier collection on 1 June.

1. Pressed Eyeshadow: 10 new fresh, glittering summer sunshine-inspired shades. G261, G251, G345, G641, G745, G135, P823, ME433, P121 (1890yen for refill). See more pics in this earlier post.

2. Silk Smooth Eyeshadow: Three sparkling eyeshadows in IR115, G311 and G909. (1890yen for refill)

3. Creamy Eyeshadow: Long-wearing eyeshadows that can be used as primer. Three permanent shades (P301, P101, P908) and three limited edition shades (P461, P796, P871). (1890yen for refill)

4. Sparkling Palette: Limited edition sparkling case. (1050yen)

5. Liquid Glitter Eyeliner: Sparkling Gold and Sparkling Silver (2625yen)

6. Gold Eyelash Curler: Limited edition 24-karat gold plated curler. (1470yen)

7. Stretch EX Precise Finish Waterproof Mascara: This waterproof lengthening mascara utilises a "double fibre system" in which the fibres are twice as long as before but with only half the weight. (3360yen)

8. Drawing Pencil: M Copper Brown and M Olive (2100yen, limited edition)

Info and pics from Voce.

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