Friday, 13 April 2012

YSL Summer 2012: Swatches

The YSL Summer 2012 makeup collection introduces three new Pure Chromatics quads #7 Shell, #8 Sand and #9 Stone, plus a Terre Saharienne Collector Edition bronzer embossed with a snakeskin print.

The pic below shows swatches of Pure Chromatics #9 in the top row, #8 in the middle row and #7 in the bottom row. These were done dry without any primer underneath. The Pure Chromatics can be applied either dry or wet for a more intense finish.

The Pure Chromatics eyeshadows have a dreamy velvety texture and a shimmery finish. However, the three new quads did not appeal to me enough to justify the whopping €49 price tag as several of the shades looked like they could be easily duped.

The pic below shows Pure Chromatics #7 Shell and a blended swatch of the Terre Saharienne Collector Edition No. 2 Healthy Glow. The latter is also available in No. 1 Sunkissed Touch and No. 3 Golden Tan. You can read a more detailed review on Glitter Geek.

The collection also includes four Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks, four Golden Glosses and four La Laque Couture nail polishes.

The pic below shows Rouge Pur Couture (from left) #41, #42, #43 and #44. These felt creamy and smooth, with a lovely soft sheen.

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Unknown said...

I think this collection is going to be the death of me! I don't usually pay a whole lot of attention to YSL but I can't stop thinking about this collection. Thanks for the swatches!