Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lavshuca Summer 2012 LavGarden

The Lavshuca summer 2012 collection consists of two limited edition Pure Blossoming Eyes Sets and Pearly Star Liquid rouge in PK2 and OR1. These are due out on 1 May in Japan.

The Pure Blossoming Eyes palettes in 01 Pink and 02 Purple are paired with a Clear Stay Eye Base in pure pink and pure beige respectively.

The Pure Blossoming Eyes palette includes a glow powder (A), highlight color (B), pastel color (C) and deep color (D). The glow powder can be patted on top of the other eyeshadows for a lustrous effect.


Julia said...

Now this is a limited edition that gets me excited! Thank you for sharing the news. :)

Anonymous said...

The pink eyeshadow looks kinda brown toned to me. Anyone else think so?

Haru said...

I agree, I was puzzled too why they named it "PK" when it looks more brown-toned than pink.