Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Canmake June and July Releases

Canmake will release the following new products for summer on 1 June in Japan:

1. Eyelash 2 Pair (630yen) No. 1 Volume Type and No. 2 Separate Volume Type

2. Sparkling Glitter Liner #6 Chandelier Beige (609yen, LE)

3. Gokubuto Mascara #2 Bitter Brown (630yen, LE)

4. Plump Glamour Rouge: Liquid rouge containing 96% moisturising ingredients. Available in #1 Marshmallow Pink, #2 Sweet Pink and #3 Blood Orange (945yen)

The following are slated for release on 2 July:

1. Whip Mousse Lip: Matte lip colors that can also double up as blushes. Available in three shades - #1 Raspberry Red, #2 Honey Orange and #3 Misty Peach. (609yen)

2. Perfect Serum BB Cream Light SPF50 PA+++: Formulated with 21 beauty ingredients, this BB cream provides natural coverage for all seasons. Available in #1 Light and #2 Natural. (840 yen)

3. Candy Wrap Lip #7 Hot Marmalade and #8 Pomegranate Jam (609yen)

4. Cheek & Cheek #7 Orange Bouquet (714yen, LE)

5. Eye Nuance #31 Honey Orange (609yen)

6. Colorful Nails #57 Blue Denim, #58 Light Blue Denim, #59 Grey Denim, #56 Orange Blush, #61 Turquoise Stone, #60 Funk Yellow (378yen)

Canmake has also just released a waterproof Lower Lash Mascara (525yen) with a 1cm-brush to adding volume to even the finest of lower lashes.


Anonymous said...

Whip mousse lip? That sounds and looks interesting.

Magdalene said...

Wow I'm so excited for this collection! Especially the lower lash mascara.

Bun Bun Makeup Tips said...

I love Gokubuto mascara! Not sure if the brown will appeal to me though. I like my mascaras black, very black.