Saturday, 26 May 2012

Essence Snow White Collection

Came across the Essence Snow White collection in a local department store today. The collection consists of eight nail polishes, three glitter topper polishes, nail stickers and a nail file. Unfortunately, the SA was hovering so I couldn't snap any more photos of the display. You can view the collection on the Essence website.

The display was cute but nothing really caught my eye except for 07 Bashful, a murky algae green with fine gold shimmer, and Special Effect Topper 03 Prince Charming (large blue hexagonal glitter and small holographic glitter). The other two Special Effect Toppers contained large gold and purple hexagonal glitter.

Compared to RMK Nail Color EX-06 Green, Bashful is a shade darker while the former has a stronger gold sheen.


alice said...

Hi Haru, if you don't mind me asking, what is your job like? Or what are you working as? You seem to be traveling and working in really lovely countries all the time!

Haru said...

hi alice,
For privacy reasons, I don't talk about my job. Sorry!

j.v. said...

These polishes look amazing! Are you gping to do some swatches in these? (Please?)

Anonymous said...

omg is this available in sg?

Haru said...

Not at the moment, as it takes some months for the limited edition collections to reach Singapore, which just received the December collection Circus Circus.