Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stila Love At First Blush

Earlier this year, Stila released Love At First Blush, another hearts-covered blush similar to last year's coral Make Me Blush. When it showed up on ASOS recently for £10, I quickly placed an order. Although it was packaged in a bubble wrap sleeve, the cover arrived cracked. It has since sold out on ASOS but it is still available on but at the slightly higher price of £12.

Compared to Make Me Blush, the texture of Love At First Blush feels slightly less silky. It also contains more shimmer particles. Both blushes are made in China but Make Me Blush contains 50% more product at 9.9g versus 6.2g for Love At First Blush.

Love At First Blush has decent payoff, and builds up nicely with a few strokes of the brush. The finish is slightly glowy but without crossing into frosty territory. The edges of the case are painfully sharp though.

Swatched without any primer underneath.

There was some fading after eight hours of wear, during which I had to blot my skin a few times. Overall, I still prefer Make Me Blush and Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral, but Love At First Blush is still a nice one to have if you are a Stila collector.

For this look, I used the green, white and purple shades from the Sleek PPQ Me Myself & I palette over MAC Dangerous Cuvee.

The other products used are: Cargo Liquid Foundation F-20, Za Concealer Perfection, Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Sequins, K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow 01, Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes, Paul & Joe Pressed Powder 03 and RMK Mix Color for Lips 03 Natural Orange.


Athena said...

haha omg i have this :)

Lynn said...

ASOS has got to do something about their shipping/packing of makeup! Sorry that your casing cracked, but still, thanks for the review and comparison with the previous Stila Blush. And i love the meme done by you and Yumeko. Shall find time to work on it :D

visee said...

Hi Haru, thanks for sharing your review. I bought this in London recently as the packaging was just so cute. Missed out on the version last year. However, it's not my favorite blush too, but when I do use it, I tend to swipe the middle shade as the other two colors are glittery.

Elaine said...

Aw... sorry to hear that ASOS broke ur blush. Luckily the whole blush didn't crack... They don't seem to improve in shipping makeup items! They broke my Illamasqua as they didn't bubble wrap... :(

Btw, I have this blush but havent had a chance to try it. Your post reminded me to do so. Hehe...