Thursday, 17 May 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #20, #22 and #23

Of the four limited edition Eyes To Kill released as part of the Armani Écailles collection, I ended up purchasing #20 Obsidian Black, #22 Écailles and #23 Madre Perla at Selfridges in London.

#20 Obsidian Black is a stormy blackened green with emerald and blue shimmers.

#22 Écailles is a pale silver mixed with metallic sea blue.

#23 Madre Perla is a shimmery pearl white with flashes of oyster pink and light green. The iridescent effect resembles that of a dragonfly wing.

Prior to this, I owned just two ETK in #3 Purpura and #4 Pulp Fiction.

Swatched below on bare skin (from left to right): #3, #4, #20, #22 and #23.

As you can see, most of the shades are heavy on the sparkle factor, with #20 Obsidian Black being slightly less shimmery than the rest. All of these feel wonderfully velvety smooth to touch and are easy to blend. I prefer to apply these with my fingertip as using a brush seems to result in a more patchy and sheer application. Using my fingertip turns out to be much faster for achieving an even, more intense application. For lining the lower eyelid, a flat eyeliner brush works best.

For the first look, I used #20 from the upper lashline to the crease, #22 in the middle of the lid and outer half of the lower lashline, and #23 over the browbone area and the inner half of the lower lashline. Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Sequins was used to line the upper lashline.

These wear quite well without the help of any primer, although after eight hours, there was some minor creasing at the inner corners. After 15 hours, the crease extended across two-thirds of my upper eyelid (basically along the fold) but the eyeshadows applied above the crease remained pretty much the same as when freshly applied. There wasn't any fallout or smudging onto the lower eyelid as the day passed.

For the second look, I used #22 from the upper lashline to the middle of the lid and #23 from the middle of the lid to under the brow, and along the lower lashline. MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Undercurrent was used to line the upper lashline.

If you're a lover of all things shiny and sparkly, these new Eyes To Kill shades are not to be missed. Their more affordable "cousins", L'Oreal Color Infaillibles, have a similar texture but not such complex shades, which helps to justify Armani's premium price point. (Armani is also owned by L'Oreal).

Do also check out Pink Sith's review of #20 and #23. Armani recently opened their first counter in Singapore at DFS Galleria in Scotts Road (see Makeup Stash for pics and the price list), where the Eyes To Kill retails for S$41. That makes it about the same price as the US and significantly cheaper compared to the UK (£26/S$52), France (€36.50/S$59) and Switzerland (CHF50/S$67).


Jacqueline said...

Those are beautiful! I am in love with the ETK formula. I am also waiting to receive Obsidian Black and Madre Perla. Lovely haul Haru.

Unknown said...

These look amazing on you! :) Really nice sheen. I really want to try the Eyes to Kill collection!

Meryl said...

I agree with Jacqueline. Madre Perla looks very pretty :) Very soft and subtle color.

Unknown said...

Great looks! I have Madra Perla and have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting the other three's arrival in the mail. WHERE ARE THEY?!

Unknown said...

Love the first look! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely eye look. also this recent fresh-skin (whatever foundation it is), light pink/peach lips do look really good on you. stick with it! -stella

Tracy said...

Number 23 looks beautiful in the jar! But it's number 20 that looks great on you. I only have one ETK so far, and I know that if I end up buying more, it's going to be the end of me!!

I hope you had fun in London. By the way, there is a fantastic quint little udon shop near Leichester Square (is that how you pronounce it?). There's always people lining outside, but the udon is absolutely fantastic. I thought I'd let you know because everytime I'm in London, that place is a must-go for me. Each bowl is about 12 pounds or so.

Haru said...

hi Tracy,
I always have fun in London as my husband is studying there right now. Leicester Square is pronounced as "Less-ter". Don't ask me why, but that's how it is! Do you have the address of the udon shop? I'm definitely interested to try it!

hi Stella,
Thanks, I've been using Bourjois' new 1-2-3 Perfect Foundation.

hi Miaka,
Thank you!

Hi Perilously Pale,
Hope your ETK arrive soon! I'm already lemming the six new ones to be released next. Armani is killing my wallet with these.

hi Meryl,
Madre Perla is unique, I haven't seen anything quite like it before.

hi Rainy Days,
Hope you get to try them soon, they're worth it!

hi Jacqueline,
Thanks, looking forward to reading your review!

Jolyn said...

Haru, you look beautiful in the first look. You did the smokey eye look justice with it, very mysterious! I'm glad you liked the new ETKs, have yet to play with mine as I'm battling breakouts, but can't wait!

You have to try Obsidian Grey, but perhaps Pulp Fiction can substitute nicely.

laeticia521 said...

i am loving # 23 too, its my fave out of all the ETK that i purchased in US. got #20, 21 and 23 from this summer collection!

Cath said...

You look 18 in the last photo! Haha...

Tracy said...

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