Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Integrate Pure Big Eyes

Here are more pics of the Integrate Pure Big Eyes palettes (1575yen; 3.3g) to be released on 21 June in Japan. These are made with a new "silky and clear coating" method through which individual powder particles are coated with a moisturising oil.

There will be 8 permanent palettes and one limited edition palette #1.

Each palette consists of a Clear Highlight Base (1), Medium Colour (2), Deep Color (3), Liner (4) and Pure Shining Pearl (5). The Pure Shining Pearl shade is recommended for highlighting the inner half of the lower eyelid.


Julia said...

They look so cute, but I thought the same about the previous heart-shaped ones and was rather disappointed with the one I ended up buying.
Hm, but I think I want one anyway, they're just so cute!

galpal.hi said...

The packaging is really cute. I like the concept of it having moisturizing oil. Thank you for the info!


Her Ugliness said...

I cannot help it, the design looks so much "Lavshuca"-like. ^^; I even had to double-ckech whether Integrate wasn't possibly another sub-brand by Kanebo.