Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jo Loves Pomelo

One of the most exciting beauty news of 2011 was the return of Jo Malone with her new Jo Loves fragrance brand. Malone left her namesake brand (now owned by Estee Lauder) in 2006 and it's been a long wait since then for fans of her creations. The first collection of four fragrances debuted at Selfridges in London in November with a temporary pop-up store. Currently, they are available exclusively online at which ships only to the UK and selected European countries.

My recent order of Pomelo and Orange Tulle arrived beautifully packaged in bold red boxes.

Malone's name always evokes a sense of confident elegance and innate class, as reflected in the simple, unfussy bottles. There is no need for extraneous adornments of kawaii daisies and voluptuous flowers to draw attention as the fragrances speak with crystal clear clarity for themselves.

Malone describes Pomelo as "clean and crisp; it’s my best friend made up of memories and moments. It’s that feeling of fresh linen sheets or a glass of bubbling fizzy water with a slice of lime and lots of crushed ice...Like me, Pomelo has a masculine side to it, it’s confident and sharp.”

On my skin, Pomelo is wonderfully invigorating and fresh but with a relaxed, casual warmth. Malone has captured the distinctive note of pomelo perfectly. It is a delicious grapefruity aroma that is not too sharply tart and not syrupy sweet either. I could not stop taking long deep sniffs of Pomelo, which I found simply intoxicating (it also made me crave a cool Thai pomelo salad with nuts). It lasts surprisingly well on my skin. Most fragrances disappear on me after three hours but with Pomelo, I could still detect light whiffs of it after five hours.

The website offers two samples with each order. The four fragrances are available in 30ml (£45) and 100ml (£95) sizes. Pomelo is such a unique and lovely fragrance that I can definitely see myself investing in the 100ml size after using up my current bottle. Jo Malone will follow up this confident debut with a trio of mango-based fragrances in July.

Below is a video clip on the pop-up store in Selfridges. Do also check out the interviews with Jo Malone on the Telegraph and Yummy Mummy Beauty.


Meryl said...

The packaging looks adorable. I love red color thats why I am loving this post :) Jo Malone never fail to bring great products!

Jolyn said...

My goodness, this 'smells' excellent! To tell the truth, I've wandered with Jo Malone stores a few times but never quite committed to a single whiff. I should try MUA for decants to try :) Hopefully they would expand to ship to Asia soon, though I think they might have a problem with shipping liquids :S

. : * justine * : . said...

I am typically not a fragrance connoisseur but I love citrusy smells and I really wish that these fragrances would be released in North America so I could sniff them myself! I'm also looking forward to the Jo Loves... Mango Nectar - fingers crossed they make their way over here soon!

Anonymous said...

When I was in London last Feb, I ordered Pomelo and Green Orange & Coriander. Their CS is superb. I love the fragrances.

makeupmag said...

Thank you for the succinct review, dear. I love your clarity of writing.

You make me want this even more now!