Saturday, 5 May 2012

UK Magazine Freebies: L'Occitane, Rituals and the Body Shop

Picked up another armload of magazines in London yesterday, thanks to the attractive freebies! After getting off the Gatwick Express train at Victoria station, I usually head straight for the WHSmith store to check out the latest issues.
The June issue of Glamour was offering a choice of L'Occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel, Face Toner and Hydration Cream, exclusively at WHSmith stores. The magazine was £1 more than the usual £2 cover price but still a bargain considering the retail value of the products. I picked up the Cleansing Gel and Face Toner, both in 50ml sizes. Despite being just the travel sizes, the labels are actually embossed with Braille dots for the visually impaired.
Easy Living came bundled with either the Rituals Wai Wang Exfoliating Body Scrub (70ml) or Rich Nourishing Body Cream. The Wai Wang line has an organic white lotus and Chinese bamboo scent.
Marie Claire comes with a full size Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain in either Bronze Glimmer or Rose Pink. I picked Bronze Glimmer since I already own several pink cheek stains.


Tavy said...

Hi Haru, I read that u used before many brand of lipstick. Able to recommend me some brand of lipstick, which are more moisture or for sensitive skin? I tried a few brands but those seems to be not suitable for me. I tried before Mac - my lip was very dry after using it, Body Shop & Shiseido - lip was kind of sensitive after using it.

From: Tavy

birkinbagbeauty said...

hey, fab freebies...they are worth taking a trip for getting my UK mags from the capital. I purchased the Occitane cleansing gel before this deal but I feel it's a bit too scented. Anyway, I hope they have the cream available to match my skincare

Haru said...

hi Tavy,
I like Esprique Mellow Forming Rouge, which has a quite a slick texture that is non-drying on the lips. Or you can always try applying a bit of lip balm first before applying your lipsticks.

hi birkinbagbeauty,
The UK mags always have the best beauty freebies, not like Japanese magazines which tend to give away made-in-China pouches and bags.

Rachel said...

The full sizes are awesome! I also love it when UK mags give free books (even if sometimes they can be a bit trashy, haha). Is it most months that there are freebies?

Haru said...

hi Rachel,
The UK mags don't give out freebies every month but it does seem to occur quite often, perhaps every other month. There will be freebies with the July issues too. There's one magazine that will be giving away Ciate nail polishes with 3 new shades available.