Friday, 13 July 2012

Addiction Brushes

The Addiction website has been updated with the new line of 15 makeup brushes. These are made in Kumano city in Hiroshima, home to prestigious brush makers like Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo (which makes brushes for Suqqu and RMK).


Buggsiebee said...

Oooooh YES... I've beeen waiting for these.
Thank you:))

Ling said...

Hey Haru
sorry to chip in an unrelated question :) just thought to comment on the latest post to gather your advice and attention :P

Haru Jie, you mentioned you shopped with BeautyBay before and they offer free international shipping, how great! i actually like to purchase the retinol fusion (Peter Thomas roth) to help with my unsightly post acne break out :( how sucks right, urgh, all women hate it! :P and i like to ask if you face any problem with shipping with beautybay? thanks! my first online shopping with them. best, no need to use vpost, so much easier just to go direct. appreciate your advice, thanks again!

Missionary said...


Haru said...

hi Ling,
I've ordered once from BeautyBay and didn't have any problems with them. The package arrived within less than two weeks. I thought Peter Thomas Roth is available at Sephora in Singapore? I remember seeing it at Sephora in Ion. Hope your skin clears up soon. I've been using La Roche Posay Effaclar K and it works pretty well so far for staving off pimples.

Ling said...

Hello Haru

Thanks for getting back! :) yes i am aware Peter roth products are available in local sephora however it's too overpriced at $140SGD+ , while it's priced a mere $65 USD online/retail . i mean, i understand there is surely some jack up but i felt the price is extortion when we have to purchase here.

i found a site to review shopping site , share with you here!

i also checked out beautybay using the trust pilot but unfortunately a lot spoke badly, glad your once transaction went out great! i know there are also skincare sites like skincarerx or dermstore, they ranked much more favorably, but there again, online shopping has its takes on different people at times so we can't judge for all.

surely, i will check out your La Roche Posay Effaclar K in guardian/watson, thanks again!

So Lonely in Gorgeous said...

Hi Haru!

I wanted to thank you for commenting on my THREE post. I've played with these brushes at the addiction counter at Isetan in Shinjuku, and the are AMAZING! I'll be picking some up this week :)

Love your blog!! Please feel free to stop by my little space. I'd love to keep in touch!!