Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dior Nude Glow Foundations and Brushes

Dior will introduce its new base makeup and brush collection on 24 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Nude Glow Compact foundation SPF10 PA++: Formulated with Dior's exclusive "active water" of 100% natural origin and floral water, this helps to hydrate skin while providing a natural finish through the use of 'nude glow pigment'. (7035yen, 8 shades)

2. Nude Glow Fluid foundation (5775yen, 8 shades)

3. Diorskin Nude Shimmer: Highlighting powder with micro gold powder reflects. (6300yen)

4. Backstage Fluid Foundation Brush L: synthetic (7140yen)

5. Backstage Fluid Foundation Brush F: synthetic (7140yen)

6. Backstage Powder Foundation Brush F: Goat and pony mix (8400yen)

7. Backstage Powder Foundation Brush L: Goat (8400yen)


Elaine said...

I am a fan of the current Nude Liquid foundation, can't wait to try the new Nude Glow Liquid Foundation. :)

EL said...

I hope this hits Europe at the same time so that i can pick it up in September for cheaper.