Saturday, 7 July 2012

Lavshuca Fall 2012

The revamped Lavshuca line-up will be unveiled on the official website on 17 July. In the meantime, several Japanese blogs have posted reviews and swatches of the Lav Hearty Eyes palettes, Girly Whipped Cheek and Double Colors Lip Stick:




My Life features on Lav Hearty Eyes, Double Colors Lip Stick and Girly Whipped Cheek

Afternoon Tea Time

Happy My Style

Nanami Saito

Okiraku Shufu


Kitchen Bakery



Anonymous said...

I love Lavshuca lip products and have several of them. I'm kinda disappointed in this new lipstick. I don't want and have no use for a split color lipstick. I hope they come out with more lip products.

Haru said...

I'm sure Lavshuca will release other new lipsticks in the future as it's their biggest money spinner.

Kass said...

Hi Haru, do you know if the existing lineup will be discontinued immediately?? I need to stock up on the Moist Melting Rouge!!

Haru said...

hi Kass,
I don't have any info on which products will be discontinued. Since Lavshuca is introducing only three new products for this fall, my guess is that they will keep some of the existing lipsticks around for awhile.

Lucy said...

I love how you always put effort on the asian cosmetics new releases! Thank you