Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fujifilm Astalift Essence Destiny and Brand Renewal

Astalift, the anti-aging skincare line by Fujifilm, will revamp its product range this September on its 5th anniversary. Aside from their trademark nano-astaxanthin, the new product range will also contain nano-lycopene. Their star product, Jelly Aquarysta will be available in an easily refillable packaging that is protected with a UV-block coating. A 40g refill will cost 8925yen, versus 9450yen for the usual 40g pot. The Astalift Lotion, Cream, Emulsion, Night Cream and a new product, Essence Destiny, will also be available in refill format. The Essence Destiny (6300yen for 30ml, 5775yen for refill) is a beauty fluid containing resveratrol, nano-lycopene and nano-astaxanthin for restoring radiant, supple skin.

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. : * justine * : . said...

I'm happy to see refills be made available at the higher end of things - more eco friendly AND (a bit) cheaper is always nice! I was tempted to try the Astalift range but think I will wait for the Lunamer range you posted about a few days ago as I am in that target age group!