Monday, 9 July 2012

Farewell to Tokidoki at Sephora

The Tokidoki makeup line exclusive to Sephora is being discontinued with mark downs on almost all of the products. Apparently, this was always intended as a two-year collaboration.

Being a Tokidoki fan, this is naturally very disappointing. The Tokidoki line for Sephora could be hit-and-miss in terms of the product quality but they always did fantastic accessories with charming prints like the makeup cases and brushes for reasonable prices. My all-time favourites are the beach bag, Pittura brush set and the purple travel case, which I use all the time.

Recently, I ordered the Airways Palette from Sephora on, which had been marked down from US$42 to just US$19. Nestled amidst the eyeshadows is a Donutella figurine.

The plastic layer holding the eyeshadows can be removed from the case. Love the incredible detail on the interior of the case.

Hopefully this won't be Tokidoki's last foray into the beauty world.


Moni said...

Oh that is very sad to hear. I always loved their creations.
I hope there will be something similar again in the future.

I also saw this palette here dropping from 69 to 29? I think.

makeupmag said...

An awesome collection, dear. I like your purple travel bag!

Anonymous said...

how did you order from amazon? i tried to check out it says no shipping to singapore

Haru said...

I had the items shipped to an address in the US, and then shipped to me by Perhaps you can try shipping via VPost or Borderlinx.