Friday, 20 July 2012

Anna Sui Fall 2012 Rebel Girl

Coming in August is the Anna Sui "Rebel Girl" fall makeup collection, which will see the introduction of the new eyeshadow range in 41 shades, including eight shades of Sui's favourite color - purple. The ad campaign features Chrystal Copland.

For the first time, the eyeshadows will be sold in refill format at S$19 (1g), which allows you to customise your own palette using their signature black lacquer case (S$16) which fits three shades. That puts the cost of a filled palette at S$73, more than what you would pay for a MAC quad but still less compared to a Shu Uemura or Dior palette. Also included in the collection are five Pencil Eyeliner WP (S$28, 1g) and a Moisturizing Foundation Primer (S$46).

The eyeshadows are imprinted with a rose motif and come in three textures: a powder base for rich vivid colors, a moist powder base that produces pearly, glossy shades, and a cream base with a pearlescent sheen. The powder shades contain pigments coated with a special oil, resulting in an ultra smooth texture.

The six cream shades (below) are formulated with a 'Clear Fit Base' (gel-type oil base) that allows the glitter and pearls to shine while looking freshly applied all day long. They contain rosa canina fruit extract and rosa canina fruit oil.

Designer Anna Sui's thoughts on the new collection.

Q: Anna, what are your favorite picks of eye colors in this collection?
A: My favorite colors in this collection are all of the purples, of course! I am happy to have so many shades of my favorite color included this season. My favorite shades of purple are #s 200, 201 and 206.

Q: What are your reasons for picking these shades?
A: Purple has always been my favorite color, and I’m thrilled that we can now offer even more shades of purple in my new Autumn Eye Shadow collection. This collection has a total of 8 shades of purple in different textures, which is more than we’ve ever had in the past, and the shades range from a pale lavender to a deep violet. I love all of them.

Q: What do you like in general about the ANNA SUI new Eye Color and the palette.
A: I love the palette and you can include the 3 colors that work best for you to create different looks. And you can replace your favorite one without having to buy the whole thing again. I also love that there are now 3 textures, I had a lot of fun experimenting with the full range!

Q: What is your view of ‘Rebel Girls’ (like characteristics, attitude..etc.)
A: I’ve always had a bit of ‘rebel girl’ in me. I truly believe in the concept behind this campaign because it is all about being yourself, being strong and not caring what others think. I like being the "leader" rather than follower.

Q: And, how does your view on Rebel Girls influence your unique style to be a fashion trendsetter?
A: The ‘rebel girl’ side of my personality influences both how I design and how I dress. I like being different and the first to wear the look. I think it’s important to have your own unique style and do what works best for you. I follow my instincts and don’t let others dictate what I wear or how I design.

Q: Lastly, how did you enjoy working with Chrystal Copland on this ad campaign?
A: I have always liked Chrystal – I thought she had a great personality that really came through in her work. She first walked in my Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show and was nothing but professional and wonderful to work with. When we were thinking of who would be great for the Anna Sui Cosmetics 2012 Autumn campaign, I thought of her because the theme was ‘Rebel Girl’ and she has that fun, rebellious side to her personality. It worked out to be the perfect match!


Julia said...

Thank you for sharing!
I wonder if the older eye shadows will be discontinued then, I really liked the mother-of-pearl.

Haru said...

hi Julia,
I believe the older eyeshadows will be discontinued. In Singapore, they were recently sold at a discount, probably to help clear stocks.