Sunday, 1 July 2012

Esprique Fall 2012

Esprique will release the following new base makeup products on 21 August in Japan:

1. Moist Make Up Base SPF25 PA++ (30g): Hydrating primer that contains hyaluronic acid and collage and pore-concealing "super flat powder".

2. Foundation Brush

3. Foundation Case 12 AW (LE)

4. Forming Beauty Pact UV (Lasting) Limited Kit II: Includes Forming Beauty Pact UV (Lasting) Foundation, Moist Make Up Base (4ml), Flat Control Base UV (4g), sponge, face soap (20g). Available in 3 shades.


makeupmag said...

I wonder how the brush will compare to the Shiseido one. The head looks fatter.

PS: The captcha words are getting skinnier and skinnier! ;)

Haru said...

Hey Mag,
That's exactly what I thought too! Will check it out for sure when I go to Tokyo :-)

Anonymous said...

That case is really pretty!

espenine said...

I'm also waiting to see if the foundation brush is good!

plue said...

so esprique is also releasing a foundation brush similar to shiseido?

i wonder how they compare... and will it even reach our shores :P

Moni said...

Just had the very same thought about the brush as Mag. I really wonder to hear first thoughts about it.

Anonymous said...

the brush is bigger than the shiseido one. :) the shiseido is more flat.