Sunday, 1 July 2012

Philosophy I Love Jam and Italian Soda Bar

Philosophy's shower gel gift sets never fail to tempt me with their delightful array of scents. Recently, I purchased I Love Jam and Italian Soda Bar from Each set contains three shower gels (180ml/6 fl oz each) that can also be used as shampoo and bubble bath. I vastly prefer these sets of three, instead of purchasing the larger individual sizes, as you get to try out more scents without getting bored quickly. Each bottle lasts just over 2 weeks for me. They lather up easily and leave a subtle scent on the skin.

I Love Jam is exclusive to Nordstrom while Italian Soda Bar can be found on several US websites including (which ships internationally for a flat rate of US$40) and (which accepts non-US credit cards). The two sets retail for US$25 each. is currently offering a Summer Sun gift with US$50 purchase while Nordstrom has a skincare gift set with US$35 purchase.

The shower gels in I Love Jam are Sweet Orange Honey, Apple Butter Jam and Mixed Berry Jam. Mixed Berry Jam is a syrupy sweet strawberry scent while Sweet Orange Honey is a soothing orange scent, that reminded me of Fanta orange soda. Apple Butter Jam is like a delicious apple pie, all lusciously warm and sweet.

Each bottle is printed with a jam recipe, pretty useful if you have a culinary bent.

The Italian Soda Bar shower gels are lighter in comparison, to evoke fizzy cool sodas on a hot summer day. Limoncello Italian Soda is a bubbly citrus scent, while Strawberry Italian Soda is sweeter but with the same effervescent soda note. Black Cherry Italian Soda turned out to be too cloying for my liking, like a thick cherry syrup. The bottles are printed with soda recipes.

Philosophy shower gels are now available at Sephora stores in Singapore but I'm not sure if these two sets are available. My Nordstrom order was shipped to my address in Florida, and forwarded by DHL to me in Switzerland. After signing up for a account, shopping at websites like Nordstrom,,, and Sephora on has become much easier for me as helps to consolidate the packages. The membership fee is not cheap but it's not exorbitant if you are a regular shopper. If you order primarily small, lightweight beauty products, the DHL shipping cost per item works out to a few dollars, which is alright for me as these are brands that are otherwise not easily available to me. The DHL service is also amazingly fast with up-to-date tracking. It took just two days for the package to arrive from the US, although customs clearance added on a couple more days. VPost by Singapore Post is cheaper in comparison but that's not an option for me.


Tracy said...

Hi Haru, interesting... i've been pretty much reliant on borderlinx in the past for my US orders, and had not found a solution since moving to DK. Do you have to pay VAT and duties when the shipment arrives to CH?

Haru said...

Hi Tracy,
Yes, Swiss customs duties still apply but the VAT here is 8%, not as bad as other European countries. There are other similar companies, so you can shop around to see which one works out to be most suitable for your needs.

Kas said...

I wonder how they get the effervescent scent in the formula. The jam series really got my attention! Now, if only they made a Nutella version ...