Saturday, 11 August 2012

Addiction Website Update: Desert Rose

The Addiction website has been updated with the Morocco-inspired Desert Rose collection, including a behind-the-scenes clip on the shooting of the ad visual. See more pics from the press launch on Glossybox Japan and, with swatches on Cocopri. The collection will be released on 17 August in Japan.

Shade descriptions for the Kohl Eyeliner: formulated with centifolia rose extract, fragrance-free

*Night Dive: ink blue with blue pearl/matte black
*Midnight Sun: pearl blue with blue and silver pearl/brown with rainbow pearl reflects
*Arabian Nights: exotic black with large copper pearl/antique burgundy red with copper pearl
*Secret Nights: mysterious pearl black with micro blue pearl/ black with large silver pearl

Eyeshadow: formulated with centifolia rose extract, fragrance-free

*La Mamounia (matte): matte mahogany earth red
*Sheltering Sky (pearl): exotic blue with gold pearl
*Mustard Tree (pearl): red-toned mustard gold with matte black pearl
*White Pepper (pearl): silver grey with matte black pearl
*Sand Dune (pearl): golden brown with matte black pearl, reminiscent of the desert sand at sunset
*Moroccan Rose(matte): dusty rose

Blush Mix: formulated with centifolia rose extract, fragrance-free

*Brown Toast: sexy bronze mix
*Spice On: exotic spicy orange mix

Nail Polish: Formulated with rosehip oil, fragrance-free

*Purple Haze: red-toned purple cream
*Blue Train: fresh ink blue cream
*Turmeric: yellow cream
*Le Mepris: orange red cream

Another pic from Voce.

Do also check out the post on the new Addiction brushes on So Lonely in Gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru! I would like to ask you, if I'm already using a makeup base for example chanel's light revealing makeup base, and it actually contains sunscreen already. So do I still need to apply another layer of sunscreen?

Haru said...

That depends on whether the SPF contained in your makeup base is sufficient for the amount of sun exposure that you get. If it has SPF15, that should be enough if you spend most of the day indoors. But if you spend many hours under the sun, you may want to use a separate sunscreen with a higher level of protection like SPF30. Also, do note that if you use a product with SPF15 and a product with SPF30 together, the amount of protection you get is just SPF30.

Grace London said...

Oh my goodness. These look beautiful - Arabian Nights is calling me.

Haru said...

hi Grace,
I'm curious to see how the Kohl liners perform, as it's looks more of a hassle to apply than pencil and liquid eyeliners.