Friday, 31 August 2012

IPSA Premier Line

IPSA will launch its new Premier Line of anti-aging skincare on 7 September in Japan. Formulated with a "Amino A5 Gene" moisturising complex, the Premier Line works to enhance skin firmness and translucency. Pic below from the Seibu x Elle Beauty & Style Book for fall.

The range consists of:

1. Cleansing Warm Gel: make-up remover that warms on contact with skin (4725yen, 100g)

2. Cleansing Creamy Paste: facial cleanser (4200yen, 170g)

3. ME Serum: Available in three formulas. (10,500yen)

4. Lotion Serum: Improves absorption of the ME Serum by enhancing skin turnover. (9450yen, 180ml)

5. Lift Up Roller: Massage "lift-up roller" designed to be used after applying the ME Serum (3990yen) for improving skin firmness. See the application video clip here.

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