Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lush Holiday 2012

Lush just held its media preview in Tokyo for its holiday collection, the first part of which will be launched on 1 October with the second following on 1 November in Japan. For Lush fans, it's the most highly anticipated time of the year as it always brings a bounty of marvellous creations. This year, expect to see a Santa sugar scrub, a shimmery moustache-shaped bubble bar scented with lavender, neroli and sandalwood, a gin-scented Cocktail in The Soap, a Christmas cracker-shaped bath bomb, a popcorn-flavored lip scrub plus crowd-pleasers from past years like Snow Fairy, Angel's Delight soap and Golden Wonder bath bomb. See the pics on Kire no Hone. [Edited to add: the Japanese blog post has been removed.]

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Sara Kye said...

Santa's sugar cube sounds so cute! I know I'll be stocking up on Christmas Eve Bubble Bar again! I'm assuming they are bringing it back that is.