Friday, 3 August 2012

Suqqu Fall 2012 and Dual Eye Balm

The Suqqu website has been updated with the fall 2012 collection, which will be launched on 10 August in Japan.

It includes three new Blend Color Eyeshadow quads (7140yen) in #13 Akanezora, #14 Kosumosuiro and EX07 Tsukiakari. Tsukiakari is limited edition. Each quad contains a pearly light color (top left), pearly arrange color (top right), creamy deep color (bottom left) for lining and smudging, and matte veil color (bottom right). Of the four, the matte veil color contains the most finely milled powder particles with a 'soft focus' effect.

There are also two limited edition Gradation Cheeks (6825yen) in EX01 Mizudaidai and EX02 Mizumomo. The shade on the left side is adds a slightly glowy, translucent flush of color, while the shade on the right is more sheer, for blending into the skintone with a "foggy" effect.

There are five new shades of Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist (5250yen), of which EX05 and EX06 are limited edition, and a limited edition light pink Chiffon Feel Loose Powder (6300yen).

On 5 October, Suqqu will launch a Dual Eye Balm (12600yen), containing yeast extract. It is composed of a deep hydrating balm (6g) and a moisturising balm (11g). Pic from


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so lovely!

Unknown said...

Oh my..... SUQQU is so calling me!!!

Haru said...

hi Miaka,
I think the pink blush and the lipsticks look lovely but I'm definitely skipping the eyeshadow quads as I don't like cream shades in eyeshadow palettes.

Unknown said...

Bonjour vous pouvez commander au 01216006816 directement en angleterre suqqu & rmk