Thursday, 23 August 2012

Visee Website Update: Mineral Liquid Cheeks

The Visee website has been updated with the new Mineral Liquid Cheeks and mineral base makeup. There are just a handful of reviews for the Mineral Liquid Cheeks on at the moment, but they are all glowingly positive with praise for the good color payoff and lasting power. It's not available yet on Adambeauty but it should surface there at some point.

The new products are also featured in the new autumn issue of Precious Beauty, Kose's seasonal magazine. The model is wearing the Mineral Liquid Cheeks PK800.


just me said...

Hi Iris, I remember seeing your comment to one of your readers on the recommendations of the undereye concealers, actually I went to lunasol and was told that the concealer has to be put after foundation, even for their orange version (O-o)!! I could understand for their beige version but orange?Can I know how do you put yours, concealer or foundation first? I think my sequence of putting has been wrong all this while. Hahaa

Haru said...

When I'm using liquid foundation, I put concealer after foundation as the concealer blends easily into the liquid foundation but when I'm using powder foundation, I usually put concealer first followed by foundation as it looks more seamless that way. Just do whatever works best for you!

Minoueel said...

Looks so pretty