Friday, 3 August 2012

Jill Stuart Romantic Smoke Collection

The Jill Stuart website has been updated with the Romantic Smoke fall makeup collection, which will debut on 10 August in Japan. It includes two new Jewel Crystal Eyes quads, two Blush Blossom duos, a Lasting Gel Eyeliner and five lipsticks. The good news is that all the products are permanent.

Below is a pic from Voce of Jewel Crystal Eyes #11 Smoky Azurite, Lipstick #21 Lipstick Stain, Blush Blossom #10 Brilliant Marigold and Lasting Gel Eyeliner #06 Stone Brown. Taiwan is the best place for purchasing Jill Stuart makeup right now. At the current exchange rate, the Blush Blossom retails at about S$54 in Taiwan, versus S$60 in Hong Kong and S$75 in Japan, while the Jewel Crystal Eyes is about S$60 in Taiwan, S$66 in Hong Kong and S$83 in Japan.


MilknCookiie said...

WHY oh why is Jill Stuart just so amazing with their packaging?! I'd buy some just for the looks, ugh.

★ Cookiie

plue said...

yay! now when I go over to TW later this year I can pick it up :D