Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lush Ayesha Fresh Face Mask

When my skin is feeling congested and troubled, I usually turn to Lush Fresh Face Masks for a good spot of detoxing. Ayesha is designed for those times when you want to make a quick difference to your face, e.g. for a night out, by helping to make the skin look smoother and firmer, making you feel "as though you are bathed in the flame of immortality – even if it is only for a few hours!"

Like all of the Fresh Face Masks, it is preservative-free and needs to be used up within one month from the purchase date. The 75g pot may look puny but I got more than 8 uses out of it, without skimping on the amount of product per application. At £5.95 for a pot (S$17.90 in Singapore), that works out to be cheaper than using a sheet mask and you get the benefit of ultra fresh ingredients like honey (for moisturising), Vitamin C-rich kiwi, elderflower infusion and elderflower vinegar (for balancing), asparagus (for gentle exfoliation), Fuller’s earth and witch hazel (to absorb grease and dirt whilst tightening the skin).

Some may not like the elderflower scent but I like the fresh, green floral aroma. The kaolin-based mask dries in about ten minutes, and rinses off easily, leaving my skin feeling cleansed and softer with pores looking smaller and more refined. It's no miracle worker in terms of reducing oiliness and acne but it does help to cleanse and tone the skin. I will definitely re-purchase this in the future.

The list of ingredients: Fullers Earth, Honey - Elderflower and Limeflower Decoction, Glycerine, Fresh Asparagus, Fresh Kiwi Fruit, Kaolin, Witch Hazel Extract, Rose Absolute, Rosemary Oil, Patchouli Oil, Elderflower Vinegar, Bentonite Gel, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume.


Unknown said...

i absolutely love the ingredients in this mask :D I will have to go out and purchase this! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, any recommand makeup remover for acne prone sensitive skin? Which type is better - cleansing oil, milk or water?