Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush is a gel formula blush with a light bouncy texture that melds seamlessly into the skin. I purchased #50 Plum Wine and #70 Hot Tamale recently from during a "buy one, get one 50% off" offer. These usually retail at US$8 each. In Asian countries like Japan and Singapore, it's called Jelly Glow and comes in a white compact with different shade names.

Made in Korea, Dream Bouncy Blush comes in ten shades in the US, versus a paltry four in Singapore and six in Japan for Jelly Glow. The dome-shaped blush has a slightly firm, springy feel to it. It has a velvety smooth texture without feeling too greasy or emollient.

There was a defect with my Plum Wine though, as the blush arrived detached from the metal pan and stuck to the plastic lid. While this was easily fixed, there was still a visible gap from the sides of the metal pan. Nevertheless, there's no adverse impact on the performance. These are super easy to apply, just dab on lightly with a fingertip and blend.

The soft satin finish is flattering, adding a healthy colour to the cheeks without emphasising pores. Like most cream blushes, they do not work well over powder foundations, and should be used with either liquid or cream foundations. When I tried it over a powder foundation, it resulted in some patchiness. As you can see from the arm swatches, these can be layered for a pigmented finish, but I prefer a lighter application on the cheeks.

In the pic below, I'm wearing Hot Tamale, a lovely coral pink that does not lean too orange or red. It doesn't last the whole day on my skin and the packaging is far from chic, but for a budget buy, it's a pretty decent cream blush with a diverse range of shades to experiment with.

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Coco said...

I got the jelly glow in Asia but I throw it away. After a few uses, the dome shape become a messy play dough and I'm paranoid having cosmetic not in "good shape". Silly me. I like the finish of the blush thou. Very natural.