Friday, 12 October 2012

Anna Sui Holiday 2012

Here are the official product images for the Anna Sui Black Veil holiday collection which will be released on 1 November in Japan.

The two coffrets (5775yen) look more elegant and feminine than last year's circus-themed sets.

The rose-scented Body Powder (5250yen) comes in a beautifully crafted bottle. A more affordable but less ornate option is the Body Shop's The Sparkler in gold, which is making a comeback this holiday season.

The five limited edition Nail Colour N (1575yen) look alluring too.

The Rose Face Powder (3990yen) is a finishing powder and highlighter.

Also included in the collection are two limited edition Eye Shadows (1260yen). The smoky purple looks tempting!


Citrine said...

As an Anna Sui fan...the only thing that calls my name is actually the lace curtain. Ok, I like the boxes for the collection as well. (And that body powder must be so pretty to photograph...)

Haru said...

I'm tempted by almost everything in this collection, including the gold tissue box that will be released in Dec!