Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dior Gold Bal

For Christmas, Dior almost always does a gold-themed collection. This year's Gold Bal collection brings a host of gilt-edged treasures that is much more alluring than last year's Les Rouges Or collection.

The Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage features two richly textured eyeshadows in gold and silver, and two lip shades in a gold case plus a black eyeliner. The eyeliner was pretty average. I wasn't able to swatch the eyeshadows as the tester unit had a plastic piece in their place. The hefty price tag of €78.50 made me put it back on the shelf in the end. As pretty as the eyeshadows look, I probably have similar shades in my stash. You can see swatches on Best Things in Beauty>.

The collection includes four Diorific Rouge Mat lipsticks. The stumpy ridged gold tube with the bulbous ends is an awful, tawdry piece of design that makes one wonder what the Dior people were smoking. I did like the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Ceremony Red though.

The two Dior quints (€50.50) in 524 Night Golds and 764 Fairy Golds are very pretty. The ultra shiny glittery gold shades in the top right corner caught my eye instantly. These swatched incredibly smoothly.

The two pics below show Night Golds swatched in the top row and Fairy Golds in the bottom row. The textures all felt wonderfully smooth.

Since I had a 10% discount voucher, I decided to pick up Night Golds and the Gold Dust powder. Although my stash of Dior quints has gone untouched for a number of months, Night Golds looked unique enough to warrant a splurge. Look how shiny that gold is!

The Diorskin Poudre Libre 431 Gold Dust (€41.90) is described as a "matte and luminous hydrating loose powder", which sounds like a contradiction. It provides high-diffusion hydration for soft, supple skin, and anti-pollution ingredients for a fresh complexion. Use this like magical pixie dust for a soft luminous veil.

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