Sunday, 28 October 2012

Esprique Winter 2012

The new Mid-Autumn issue of Kose Precious Beauty showcases the upcoming winter collection by Esprique, which will be released on 16 November in Japan.

Continuing their "one stroke" makeup philosophy is the new Blend Creation Eye & Cheek (2625yen) in four variations: D1 Gold & Coral, D2 Brown & Pink, D3 Beige & Beige and D4 Mauve & Red. Each palette contains 4 shades, of which three can be used as eyeshadows while the middle two and leftmost shades can be used as blush.

For the eyes, it is recommended to blend the three eye shades over the eye socket area and then use the darkest shade to shade the outer half of the crease. For the cheeks, it is recommended to blend the three blush shades all over the cheeks and then use the leftmost shade on the apples of the cheeks. See a real-life pic of D1 here and a pic of three of the palettes here.

There will also be a new Bright Lasting Rouge (Glow) (2625yen) in 8 shades, as shown in the left side of the pic below, plus two new shades of Bright Lasting Rouge (top right corner). See more pics from the store tester and pamphlet here.

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