Monday, 8 October 2012

Lush Christmas in stores

Nothing says Christmas is coming quite like Lush!

This year's holiday collection is a dazzling visual treat of wonderfully scented goodies. It just launched this weekend in stores in the UK, as well as here in Switzerland. Santa's Sack (above) is a fizzy cola-scented bubble bar that can be divided into three pieces by pulling off the little gifts.

Inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch, Ponche Shower Gel is described as being "bright, boozy, fruity and uplifting" with orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, a good shot of tequila and a fruity fragrance. It did not smell particularly alcoholic to me though, unlike last year's holiday creation Glogg which literally makes me gag each time I use it. Twilight is another limited edition shower gel that is a soothing blend of lavender and malt. Twilight is not brand new though, as it was previously available as a special for a Lush Forum party.

Snow Fairy naturally makes another appearance. It's too candy sweet for me though so I'll be skipping this. Instead, I intend to try North Pole soap which is composed of two mint fragrances: chocolate mint for the pink part and hard candy cane and mint rock for the white part. Sounds intriguing!

Summer Punch is a more fruity concoction with juniper berries, gin, blackcurrant absolute and lime oil.

Taking pride of place in the centre of the store was this gold-dusted giant slab of Snowcake Soap, a perennial favourite that returns each year only for the holiday season. I prefer the more invigorating scent of Karma soap to the marzipan and rose scent of Snowcake, but this looked simply magical.

Have you picked up anything from the Lush Christmas collection? Do let me know which products are your favourites!


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris! Mei here. My favourite is Snowcake!! I got so much of it last X'mas thinking it's limited, i still have some to-date!! Haha. Like you, i don't like the Snow fairy too.

Cath said...

Oddly, Lush always reminds me of Japan! I miss Japan already!!!