Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lavshuca Lav Hearty Eyes PK1

Lavshuca Lav Hearty Eyes (1680yen) was released back in August as part of the brand revamp featuring pink packaging and its shift to a more girlish, cutesy image. Yuki's Lazy Channel has swatched the entire fall collection here.

The box packaging is reminiscent of Benefit's blushes. These come secured with an elastic bearing a cute heart motif. The heart flips down easily, so storage is actually not an issue. However, it's not that travel friendly as the paper edges will wear down much quickly than a plastic case.

Lav Hearty Eyes PK1 features a sweet combination of medium purple, pale gold and candy pink. It's great for a simple day look, especially if you prefer the light makeup look as the shades are all on the sheer side.

I purchased this as the purple shade swatched quite nicely in the store. However, when applied on the eyes, I was disappointed that it looked more washed out than I had expected. The included sponge applicator feels a tad cheap and subpar compared to the sponge applicators included with Lunasol palettes (both brands are made by Kanebo).

For this look, I applied the purple shade along the upper and lower lash line, the pink shade in the crease and the light gold shade over the browbone area and inner corners. My favourite shade is the light gold, which has a dreamy glowy effect without looking overly frosty.

This didn't quite knock my socks off but the overall design looks so darn cheerful and cute that I can't hate it. has both of the Lav Hearty Eyes in stock. If you prefer eyeshadows with better colour payoff, I would recommend Integrate Pure Big Eyes instead.


MaquiLab said...

Such a beautiful box, and the shades are also gorgeous (a bit frosty for me, but still gorgeous :)

galpal.hi said...

I love the packaging! It's so cute! Too bad the color payoff wasn't so great. That's one of the problems that I find with Japanese brand eyeshadows. It's nice to see that Big Pure Eyes has good color pigmentation.

Thank you for your review!