Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Visee Mineral Liquid Cheek Swatches

Visee recently released a new Mineral Liquid Cheek (Baby Finish) in five shades. Designed to give the effect of rosy cheeks much like those of a jolly baby, these are supposed to provide a soft focus, non-sticky finish. The fragrance-free formula contains four types of mineral powder.

In Japan, the official retail price is 1155yen but the bigger drugstore chains often offer discounts on Visee. I purchased these at a 30% discount. They are also available on for US$13.50.

The squeeze tube packaging is convenient and easy to control and keep clean, albeit not as precise as the pointed dispenser of Becca Beach Tints. The texture is slightly denser than Becca Beach Tint and with better colour payoff. Becca Beach Tint sometimes turns a bit watery in the tube but the Visee version stays creamy without any separation issues.

Each tube contains 10g (versus 7ml for Beach Tint), and will take pretty much forever to use up as you only need a tiny pin head amount for one application.

As you can see from the swatches, just a tiny amount gives a relatively opaque finish but this can be easily sheered out to a translucent tint.

These are easy to blend over a liquid or cream foundation and do not emphasize my pores. They are also easy to correct if over-applied - just use tissue to sheer it down. On my oily skin, they last well over five hours although there is some fading by the end of the day.

In the pic above, I am wearing OR200 and in the pic below, I am wearing RD400. I prefer my blushes to be applied sheer so the difference between the two shades is rather subtle. I'll probably give PK800 away as it looks so similar to RD400 on my skin. The base makeup for both pics is Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup #3 over Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer UV. If Becca Beach Tints are too pricey for you, the Visee version is a worthwhile alternative to consider. I still love Beach Tints though for their wider range of shades.


The Driveller Kate said...

The textures come through loud and clear from your photos and I LIKE what I see :D Shame about the Japanese penchant for similar MCBB colours though :/

Haru said...

Glad the swatches are helpful, Kate! I think these are nicer than the Lunasol version, which are much more expensive.

Lisa said...

These look very nice!