Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Guerlain Spring 2013

The Frau editor just tweeted this pic of the Guerlain spring 2013 collection. The star product looks to be the Meteorites Perles which are slightly larger than normal and come with a powder puff for use on the face and body. The size of the balls looks similar to the Butterfly Meteorites from the holiday 2008 collection. As a collector of the Meteorites, I'm happy that Guerlain is stepping up the pace of releases, following this year's Pucci and Dragon Meteorites. The mossy green eyeshadow palette looks like a highly unusual shade combination for Guerlain, but it's not really appealing to me. The collection will be launched on 18 January in Japan, so time to start saving up! [Edited to add: Check out this Russian blog for close-up pics of the Meteorites Perles du Paradis.]

On 2 January, Guerlain will release a new Orchidée Impérial cream, which is the third generation of this ultra luxe skincare range. Pic below by the Maquia editor. See another pic here by Tomoichi.

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