Monday, 8 October 2012

Sights of Berne

Yesterday, we visited Berne, the capital of Switzerland situated along the Aare river. It was a gorgeous sunny day, surprisingly warm for October.

The first stop we made was a rose garden overlooking the city. In the distance laid the snow capped mountain ranges.

Several of the rose plants were still in bloom. Though as not as resplendent as earlier in the summer, we still came across some unusual beauties.

The Clock Tower in the old town.

The majestic Cathedral of Berne.

The Federal Palace where the federal parliament sits.

At an open-air market, we came across this stall selling cucumbers of the strangest variety. Spiky ones, furry ones and even some shaped like gourds.

Although it was a Saturday, the city was not overly crowded, even in the old town which has lots of shops and major brands. It was also pretty easy to navigate on foot. It is a charming city that is well worth a day trip if you are in the vicinity.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen cucumbers look like that before! Originally, I thought that was a horned melon!

Moni said...

Most CItys have open markets, some are weekly some daily.
As for bern, the city is very tiny as 90% of bern actually is farming land.

You should visit Zurich if you can, no City in Switzerland matches it's beauty and the old town.

Sara Kye said...

What a lovely city, would be amazing to visit some day! And the cucumbers are so adorable. Makes me wonder how they even grow to be of that shape and size!