Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Catrice Neo Geisha

Came across the Catrice Neo Geisha collection for spring at my supermarket today. It's a bold modern take with an unusually vibrant color scheme. The looks are a bit too avante-garde to be wearable but the collection does feature some interesting pieces.

In the centre of the display are the Patch Eye Liners, which are self-adhesive reusable eyeliners in 4 designs (total of 8 pairs). Dior released a similar product last year, if I recall correctly.

There are four Absolute Eye Colors embossed with a floral motif.

As pretty as these looked, they were totally unimpressive when swatched as they were super sheer. The swatches below are 4-5 layers each.

The Lip & Cheek Color C03 Madame Butterfly (red) and C02 Picked Cherry Blossoms (pink) were far superior in terms of color payoff. C01 Discreet Artist (beige) was much less intense than the other two shades.

I came home with the Lip Brush (CHF4.75) and Kohl Kajal 01 Ultra Black (CHF3.50). The elongated kohl pencil can double up as a traditional hairpin, according to Catrice.

The brush is made in China and feels super lightweight. Nevertheless, the bristles have a nice firm shape. The novelty factor of the wrapped handle (similar to NARS' Yachiyo brush) alone made it irresistible.


Citrine said...

That's a cool brush! It seems that I am always one lip brush short (too many pots to dip) so I hope this collection make it here (however unlikely it is).

Sarah Karenina said...

Hi Haru !
I wanted to send you a private message, but apparently, I can't, so I leave a comment with no link with the article.
I only discover today that you added my blog to your blog list, I was so surprised ! I read your blog every day for one year (and even more), your blog is one of my favorite. So thank you a lot. I didn't expect it at all.
However, I moved three weeks ago to a new adress (with the same articles, and new of course) : (instead od

Have a nice day !

birkinbagbeauty said...

I was also unimpressed with the eyeshadow swatches (even though some of Catrice's have good textures) & have the brush too...curious about the eyeliner now

Haru said...

hey Citrine,
It is most unusual, certainly for a drugstore brand. Hope you find it!

hi Sarah,
Thanks for letting me know, I've updated my blogroll with your new address :-)

hi birkinbagbeauty,
I tried the eyeliner pencil today and it was just average. It's quite decently pigmented but it's not as rich and smooth as Pixi or Three.