Saturday, 23 February 2013

Jill Stuart New Skincare Range

Jill Stuart will launch a new Angel line of skincare on 5 April in Japan. Designed to be gentle on sensitive skin types, it consists of seven products retailing between 1050yen to 2625yen. The brand has ditched its usual princessy pink jewel-themed packaging in favour of a design that is more typical of Fancl.

* Pure Lotion - moisturising lotion

* Pure Milk - moisturising emulsion

* Pure Oil - moisturising oil

* Pure Foaming Wash

* Mild UV Milk SPF30 PA++

* Oil Balm Slick

* Body Powder


The Unprofessional Beauty Blog said...

I actually like this new and simple packaging. Looks really elegant.

Haru said...

Jill Stuart is marketing this new range as being gentle even for sensitive skin but at the same time, they are still putting fragrance into the products which I felt was kind of silly.

Her Ugliness said...

The bunny-thingy!!!! ^o^
I need it!