Sunday, 24 February 2013

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #8 HD Orange & #9 HD Fuschia Swatches

From the Armani spring 2013 Pop collection, the only items that caught my eye were the two new Blushing Fabric gel blushes in #8 HD Orange and #9 HD Fuchsia (US$39). I ordered these from

My current collection (from left): #1 Shimmering Peach, #5 Raspberry, #8 HD Orange and #9 HD Fuchsia.

The shade names are not listed anywhere on the boxes or the tubes. Only the shade numbers are printed on the back of the tubes.

Made in France, each Blushing Fabric contains a very generous amount of product at 20ml, versus a mere 7ml for Becca Beach Tint. With just a little bit needed for each application, these literally take years to use up. List of ingredients below.

Just a tiny pin-head sized dab is all you need for a natural flush of color. Armani describes it as "crafted as a micro-blend of pure water-soluble pigments and laquers, this cushiony formula delivers buildable color for cheek and face that is both imperceptible and long-lasting". You can see swatches of other Blushing Fabric shades in this earlier post.

I found #9 HD Fuchsia to be quite similar to #5 Raspberry. Raspberry is more intense and leans more hot pink. HD Fuchsia also swatches a tad patchily compared to Raspberry.

#8 HD Orange has a subtle sprinkling of refined shimmer flecks that are not as obvious or numerous as those in #1 Shimmering Peach. The Blushing Fabrics are super easy to apply and blend to a natural finish, adding a healthy touch of color that never looks overdone. They also do not stain the skin and are easily removable.

#8 HD Orange is slighty more coral compared to Becca Papaya Beach Tint, which has a stronger orange tone. The Becca Beach Tint swatches are more budge-proof than the Blushing Fabrics, which rubbed off in little flakes when I ran my finger across them after 20 minutes whereas the Beach Tints did not smudge or peel.

I placed my order during Nordstrom's beauty event and received this bumper crop of samples as the gift with purchase.


Unknown said...

Great blog! Do you wear elishacoy sparkling diamond by itself? And did you use a moisturizer prior?

Haru said...

I haven't tried Elisa Coy Sparkling Diamond before. Whether you need to use moisturiser probably depends on how dry your skintype is.