Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Guerlain Perles du Paradis

From the Guerlain spring collection, the only product that caught my eye was the Meteorites Perles du Paradis. This comes in a cardboard container, unlike the metal containers of the past couple of limited edition Meteorites. At this price point, surely Guerlain need not stinge on the packaging material.

This is an extra-large version containing 53g, similar to the Meteorites Butterfly Perles (60g) from Holiday 2008. It comes with a super plush puff that makes this easy to use on the decolletage.

Each time I open the Meteorites, a cloud of shimmery dust wafts up. It gets messy easily, as you can see from the dusty rim of the pot.

According to the official description, there are six skin-toned and pastel shades. The traditional correcting colors (blue and green) have been replaced by pink to brighten dull areas, and silver to reflect ambient light for a one-of-a-kind glow.

The bottom of the pot is covered in a fine silvery pink dust.

The six shades are a rosy pink, plum pink, lavender, pearl white and pearl beige and glittery silver.

The silver balls provide a more lustrous finish than the usual Meteorites.

The heavy glittery swatch below was made by swiping the lid (which was covered in powder after taking the above photos) against my arm.

When sheered out, the silver micro shimmer flecks become more sparse but are still noticeable under a bright light. When applied using a face brush, the effect is much more subtle with the silver shimmer being hardly visible unless one is looking extremely closely. I think this still can be used during the day but if you do not like any shimmer on your face, you would be better off considering the Meteorites from the permanent range.

I tried swatching the six shades individually without much success. The only one that showed up well was the plum pink ball.

Overall, I think the applied effect is a tad more shimmery than the other recent limited edition Meteorites. Whether you like that depends on your own makeup style. I wouldn't say this is a must-have, especially if you already own several Meteorites. Indeed, I think I'm reaching a saturation point in terms of collecting Meteorites although I still like them a lot. You can read more reviews on Best Things in Beauty, Cafe Makeup and Makeup & Beauty Blog.


Beauté_Poet said...

Very pretty. If only they kept the original packaging. For that price it should be made of gold! lol j/k.


kas said...

I know what u mean by saturation point - I feel it but yet, each time a new one premieres, my heart sings. This one looks v pretty n worth the money for the quantity but I like the butterfly version the best for the soft focus glow it imparts.

Unknown said...

love these:-)!!! i ve ordered them already and they are on the way!! cant wait to have it at home:-)!!

thanks for this post, i m looking forward to them even more now:D!!!

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beautymakeupdivas.com said...

These are so beautiful, the glitter looks absolutely stunning.