Tuesday, 5 February 2013

LeSportSac 2013 Spring/Summer Mook

To commemorate its 25th anniversary in Japan, LeSportSac will release a 2013 Spring/Summer mook (1380yen) in three versions on 28 February. Each mook includes a bag measuring 25.5x16.10cm with nine pockets.

Style 1 Hello Daisy

Style 2 Bow

Style 3 Dot

Earlier LeSportSac mooks: 2012 Spring/Summer, 2011 Spring/Summer, 2010 Spring/Summer and 2009.

On the publisher Takarajima's website, a Jill Stuart Stationery Set Book is slated for release in late March.


Lauren said...

I like the polka dot one and the price seems right, do you know if there will be a way to buy one in the US? or have it shipped here?

Haru said...

hi Lauren,
Amazon Japan ships internationally but their shipping fees are very expensive. YesAsia.com also carries Japanese magazines (ships out of Hong Kong) but I don't know if they will stock this. Or perhaps you can contact one of the Kinokuniya stores in the US and ask if they can do a phone order?

Anonymous said...

looks like a good bag organizer; i wouldn't recommend leaving phone or wallet in one of those external pockets. -stella

Lauren said...

Thanks for your advice :)

kas said...

The bow design is soooo nice! I've steered clear of the mook section in kino consistently - temptation to buy is too great. I've also steered clear of the LSS sections in stores also - cant be falling in love w new designs every season! :P