Monday, 11 February 2013

OPI Can't Let Go

OPI recently introduced a new Liquid Sand finish as part of their Mariah Carey collection. I purchased Can't Let It Go while passing through Gatwick Airport dutyfree last weekend, where it was retailing for £9.50.

The Liquid Sand texture is basically a concrete-like matte finish with small round and large hexagonal glitter.

While Can't Let Go applies smoothly, once it sets, it has a dry, rough gritty texture that takes some getting used to. The glitter bits keep it from looking too dull. I do like the dusky deep purple shade.

Two coats was sufficient to achieve opacity. Overall, I think Liquid Sand is one of the better recent innovations, certainly more practical than caviar nails or velvet manicures.

For a detailed review of the Liquid Sand polishes, do check out Scrangie.


Anonymous said...

i agree caviar and velvet isn't very practical. With the opi do you feel that the glitter rubs off onto other surfaces? or no?
and that once it dries would you consider the texture to be similar to sandpaper perhaps? or is it different?

Haru said...

I haven't experienced any of the glitter falling or rubbing off, although I did have to clean up a bit of it after applying the polish. The texture is not scratchy like sandpaper, but it's more textured than the usual nail polish.

sweetcloud said...

I like the interesting matte/glittery combo, but it looks like a pain to remove (as with all glittery nail polishes but even more so?)

Haru said...

hi sweetcloud,
I was able to remove the nailpolish after 5 days of wear without much problems. Although it contains glitter, these came off more easily than other glitter nailpolishes like those by Deborah Lippmann.