Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Gransenbon and Sweets Sweets

Some upcoming releases:
Gransenbon (31 August)
1. Pore Cover Powder (1680yen)
2. Gran de Eyes palettes (1680yen) #18 Evening Rose and #19 Noble Forest

Sweets Sweets (2 Oct)
1. Mixing Palette (777yen) - face color palette with 3 shades in 4 variations
2. Moisture Gloss (504yen) - MG11 Marmalade Orange and MG12 Lollipop Pink
3. Powder Blush (504yen) - PD9 Apricot and PD10 Strawberry Milk
4. Perfect Eyes (672yen) - PE9 Pink Plum, PE10 Honey Sweet Black, PE11 Lemon Green and PE12 Berry Apricot
5. Pure Smooth Powder (840yen)
6. Perfect Mascara Base (714yen)


Anonymous said...

Hi Haruchan, I was hoping to get your opinion on something. I'm looking for a Japanese/Asian brand cream compact foundation that's good for combo/oily skin. Do you have any favorites or recs you don't mind sharing? I would appreciate any suggestions :O) Thank you!

Haru said...

If you have oily skin, I wouldn't recommend cream foundation as that is likely to clog your pores. Perhaps it would be better to try a lightweight liquid, oil-free foundation? I haven't used any cream foundations myself but perhaps you can check out Paul & Joe, Revue or RMK? These brands are all pretty good for foundations and they make cream foundations.