Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Integrate & Integrate Gracy Website Updates

The Integrate website has also been updated with the new autumn collection and advertisements featuring Angelina Jolie. I checked out the new eyeshadow quads in the store and the quality was quite disappointing, to be honest. The eyeshadows were quite sheer and the colours were blah. The three new Glamorous Rouge lipglosses were also not that tempting. Two of the shades were quite pale, which means they will hardly show up, while the deep wine shade had glitter which I don't like in lipglosses.

Shiseido's new drugstore brand for mature ladies, Integrate Gracy, has launched its official website here:


Kathi said...

Thanks for reviewing the new e/s quads! I was really disappointed with their older e/s quads but thought of giving a try to the new ones. Now I can skip them, yay!
I cannot get that Gracy site to load but from your previous pics it looks not like a brand that would appeal to me (reminds me too much of Kanebo Media with its crappy looking compacts =P )

the Muse said...

UGH I can't stand Angelina Jolie ;)

It strongly influences my decision to purchase integrate lol!

Anonymous said...

On the website, VI111 doesn't look that sheer. Thanks for the review! So I can skip these then... But I do find the instructions to apply the e/s not bad! :) Integrate Gracy doesn't appeal to me at all.